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I teach homebuyers the secrets to winning their dream in a hyper-competitive real estate market.

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Buying a home shouldn't take years

When I tried to purchase my first home I was turned down for a loan four times, ghosted by two real estate agents and when I turned to my own BANK for help, I was turned down by them too. 

It took me over TWO YEARS to buy my first house. 

In fact, when I finally got to the closing table, my agent turned to me, looked me dead in the eyes and said "I really didn't think you would make it." 🤯


That's when I realized the real estate industry is broken. 

Any real estate agent can set you up on a property search. In fact, you can do that yourself online.

But being able to get your offer accepted on a home is another story. The lack of upfront education causes homebuyers to lose home after home after home.

You have more power in the home buying process than you know and with the right information, you can drastically increase the odds of winning the home you want.

If I knew back then what I know now, I would have closed in months, not years.

I get to help awesome families, like the Santiagos, put themselves in the best position to not only get the home of their dreams but get it at a price they can afford.

I do this through education, taking the right actions for your situation, second-to-none loan options and a little razzle-dazzle that only a true Captain can pull off.

If you're ready to get into your dream home, let's talk.

(The Santiago Family and me, rocking sweet shirts)

Creative Solutions For Tough Situations

Capt Mortgage- Creative Mortgage Solutions

Where did all the creativity go? Sometimes it takes a little thinking outside the box to find the solution that is staring you in the face. That, and Thive Mortgage has more loan options that anyone.

Getting You To The Closing Table

Capt Mortgage- Get You To The Closing Table

Whether it's a problem on our end or on the other side, my team and I solve problems. All that matters is you close on your house (and typically we close fast!).

Making Mortgages

Fun Again

Capt Mortage- Marking Mortgages Fun Again

I am not sure if mortgages were ever fun but who said they need to be boring! If I can make not catching a fish on a 10-hour boat tour fun, I can make numbers fun.

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